» Switron AG, Switzerland
    Switron AG is an electronic company based in the economy heart of Switzerland. Near to Zurich and to the Airport Kloten (15 minutes by car) as well as direct access to the highway is very important for our international customers. The typical swiss attributes:
  • Punctuality
  • Reliablity
  • Respectability
  • Kindness
  • Deep technical knowhow

    leads us to be a nice partner with happy customers that count in every project on Switron people.
    Switron was founded at the 29. September 2004. Since the first of January 2005 we are based in Urdorf, a village near of Zurich in Switzerland.
    We do for several companies engineering work, small developments and arranging productions. We are very deep technical people what helps our customers to optimaze their products in quality and price!
    With the help of our international engineering network (40 electronic engineers) we are able to manage big projects with complex problems. Specialized in the field of telecommunications (xDSL, telephony, data transmission etc), we do not stop in all kinds of electronics and strive for intelligent solutions.